23 January 2020


Google Doodle Celebrates Anna May Wong, the First Chinese-American Movie Star (4)
By Seren Morris On 1/22/20 at 7:15 AM EST Share U.S. Google Doodle Hollywood Actress Movies & TV Today's Google Doodle celebrates Anna May Wong, who is considered to be the first Chinese-American Hollywood movie star.
The Koblumpi Music Festival announces more artists (2)
Instep Today By NewsBytes Wed, 01, 20 February is definitely proving to be a month of music festivals, each creating space for music.
Climate change could damage thousands of U.S. bridges, engineers say (1)
Accra, Jan. 21, (UPI/GNA) - Bridges built after World War II are susceptible to temperature variations, making them more likely to fail because of climate change, two civil engineers have found. Drastic fluctuations in climate, often blamed on humans, could cause significant deterioration to tens of thousands of steel-girder bridges across the United States, a study from Colorado State University civil engineers Susan Palu and Hussam N. Mahmoud concluded.
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