12 December 2019


Iran invites Qatar to attend Feb IONS maneuver as observer (4)
Tehran, Dec 12, IRNA - Navy Commander of Iran Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi invited Qatar to participate in the trilateral maneuver by Tehran, Beijing and Moscow- also called the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) drills- as an observer. Khanzadi extended the invitation in a meeting held in Doha on Wednesday evening with his Qatari counterpart. Prior to his Qatar visit, the commander had held talks with top Pakistani military officials.
Date palm, Arab region symbol of prosperity, listed by UNESCO (1)
The offering of a date, coupled with a cup of coffee, is a sign of good old- fashioned Arab hospitality Bahrain Palm tree germination insemination is a key skill that the farmer must have In the process a collection of male parts stamen are joined with female parts pistil to create the best type of dates.
Boeing: US Aviation Authority admits mistake over aircraft crashes (2)
Washington, Dec 12 (UNI) The head of US aviation confirmed to Congress that the agency made a mistake in allowing the Boeing 737 Max planes to fly after a 2018 crash. The congressional hearing was focused on two crashes - the first involving an Indonesian Lion Air flight in October 2018 and the second, an Ethiopian Airlines flight in March - that killed a total of 346 people. When asked if the FAA was mistaken in allowing the Max to remain on air
Commander: Iranian Navy ready to cross Atlantic Ocean (2)
Dec 12, 2019 07:25 UTC A senior Iranian commander expressed the Navy's preparedness to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Speaking to Tasnim news agency on Wednesday, Deputy Chief of Iran's Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said the naval forces are ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean under orders from top authorities. Iranian naval fleets are currently cruising in waters near the Suez Canal
Switzerland to share bank account details with Pakistan (2)
by INP , (Last Updated 39 mins ago) BERN: The Swiss parliament has approved the automatic exchange of bank data details with 18 additional countries including Pakistan. Swiss media reported that the Senate followed the House of Representative's lead and approved a new list of countries for automatic exchange of financial information (AEOI) which will provide the details of bank accounts held by their citizens (or those with a fiscal residence in Switzerland).
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