06 August 2020

Босния и Герцеговина

YouTube bans almost 2,600 Chinese channels for influence operations (3)
Some of the channels posted content about racial justice protests in the US. Richard Nieva Google on Wednesday said it banned almost 2,600 Chinese channels from YouTube during the second quarter as part of investigations into "coordinated influence operations" on the platform. Roughly half of the channels were taken down in June, according to a report by Google's Threat Analysis Group, which combats government-backed hacking
Croatia marks 25 years since war with tolerance message (1)
But in Serbia tabloids speak of a "shameless" event 05 August, 18:43 (ANSA-AFP) - ZAGREB, 05 AGO - Croatia's top ethnic Serb official joined a ceremony Wednesday marking the 25th anniversary of a military victory that ended the country's independence war, setting a rare tone of reconciliation on a day normally charged with tension.
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