19 January 2020


Iran to send flight recorders from downed jet to Ukraine (15)
By The Associated Press TEHRAN, Iran - Iran will send the black box flight recorders from the Ukrainian jetliner that it accidentally shot down last week to Ukraine for further analysis, an Iranian official said Saturday. Hassan Rezaeifer, the head of accident investigations for the civil aviation department, said it was not possible to read the black boxes in Iran, without elaborating.
Yemen: Scores killed in missile attack on military camp (11)
Over 60 Yemeni soldiers were killed in the strike outside the capital of Sanaa in Yemen. The attack reportedly targeted a mosque located inside a military training camp during evening prayers. A missile attack on a Yemeni military training camp in the province of Marib killed scores of soldiers, sparking outrage from Yemen's internationally-recognized government on Sunday. Saudi state television reported that at least 60 military personnel were
Yemen missile, drone attack kills at least 70 soldiers (6)
Issued on: 19/01/2020 - 09:18 Dubai (AFP) At least 70 Yemeni soldiers have been killed in missile and drone attacks blamed on Huthi rebels, on a mosque in the central province of Marib, medical and military sources said Sunday. Saturday's strike follows months of relative calm in the war between the Iran-backed Huthis and Yemen's internationally recognised government which is backed by a Saudi-led military coalition.
Associated Press: Iran backtracks on plan to send flight recorders to Ukraine (6)
By Associated Press. Published Jan. 19. Updated Jan. 19 at 12:43 pm An image grab from footage obtained from the state-run Iran Press news agency on January 10, 2020 shows what Iran's civil aviation says is the black box of the Ukrainian airline flight that crashed near Tehran killing all 176 on board.
Iran to send black boxes from downed jet to Ukraine - media (2)
18:58, 18 January 2020 Ukraine All 176 passengers and crew aboard Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 died when it was shot down soon after take-off from Tehran International Airport earlier this month. REUTERS The flight recorders from the airliner which was accidentally shot down by Iranian forces will be sent to Ukraine, an Iranian official has said. All 176 passengers and crew aboard Ukraine International Airlines flight
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