17 February 2020


Harry Gregg will always be remembered as a heroic figure - Bobby Charlton (42)
By Press Association Monday, February 17, 2020 - 12:26 PM Bobby Charlton and Alex Ferguson have led the tributes to former Manchester United and Northern Ireland goalkeeper Harry Gregg, who has died at the age of 87. Gregg was hailed as a hero of the Munich air disaster on February 6, 1958, in which 23 people were killed.
Syria Military Hails Advance Against Rebels in 'Record Time' (15)
By Associated Press February 17, 2020 06:28 AM DAMASCUS - Syria's military announced on Monday that its troops have regained control of territories in northwestern Syria "in record time," vowing to continue to chase armed groups "wherever they are." The announcement came hours after troops consolidated the government's hold over the key Aleppo province, capturing over 30 villages and hamlets in the
Syrian Forces Continue Lightening Advance in Country's North, Free Most of Aleppo Province - Reports (32)
© Sputnik / Дмитрий Виноградов 16:36 GMT 17.02.2020 Subscribe Sputnik International Sputnik continue-lightening-advance-in-countrys-north-free-most-of-aleppo-province-- reports/
UAE issues license for first nuclear plant in Arab world (17)
By Zack Budryk - 02/17/20 12:13 PM EST The United Arab Emirates' nuclear regulator approved a nuclear reactor Monday, paving the way for the first commercial nuclear power plant in an Arab nation. The Barakah reactor, run by a joint venture with Korea Electric Power Corp., is now free to begin loading fuel and eventually begin full commercial operation over the next several months, Bloomberg reported, with
Iran throws support behind Lebanon's government (15)
Prime Minister Hassan Diab, along with President Michel Aoun, met with the Iranian Shura Council Speaker at the Baaba Presidential Palace. by Annahar Staff 17 February 2020 | 20:34 Source: by Annahar by Annahar Staff Source: Annahar Date added: 17 February 2020 Last update: 17 February 2020 | 20:34 Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani meets with President Michel Aoun in Beirut, Feb.
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