06 April 2020


Short-form streaming platform Quibi goes live as consumers retrench (2)
San Francisco (AFP) The "quick bites" of video from deep-pocketed startup Quibi could become a new entertainment form for on-the-go smartphone users.
Netflix to release extra episode of 'Tiger King' (2)
By IANS 54m ago Netflix will be releasing an extra episode of "Tiger King" the week, according to the zoo owner Jeff Lowe, who appeared on the hit docuseries. He revealed the details about a new episode in a video posted on Twitter by Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, reports Variety. "Netflix is adding one more episode.
Tiger King: Netflix to release extra episode 'next week' according to star Jeff Lowe (2)
TIGER KING has quickly become one of the most popular shows of 2020. Now, one of the stars of the show has confirmed there's more on the way. By Lucas Hill-Paul Netflix's latest limited series has become an online sensation as streamers around the world debate the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.
39 Tigers From Joe Exotic's Zoo Now Live At A Colorado Sanctuary (1)
The big cats, along with three bears, have put Oklahoma's G.W. Zoo behind them, and now reside at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. By Hilary Hanson Some of Joe Exotic's former zoo animals are living new lives at a spacious Colorado sanctuary. Thirty-nine tigers and three black bears that previously lived in Oklahoma's G.W.
City Closes Parking Lots Due To Improper Gathering During Shelter Order (1)
Bay City News Service Published 2:58 pm PDT, Sunday, April 5, 2020 BENICIA (BCN) City parking lots in Benicia are closed to the public due to activity violating the novel coronavirus social distancing order, officials said Friday. The city announced the closure of parking lots at Matthew Turner Shipyard (12th Street) Park and Alvarez Ninth Street Park, as well as parking at the foot of First Street for the beach and pier.
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