19 November 2019


Iran exceeds heavy water limit in latest nuclear deal breach: IAEA (3)
Last Updated On 18 November,2019 10:59 pm The restriction is the latest Iran has exceeded in protest at the US for withdrawing from the deal. VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has breached another limit in its nuclear deal with major powers by accumulating slightly more than 130 tonnes of heavy water, a substance used in a type of reactor it is developing, a U.N.
Red tide returns in Florida leaving businesses worried about another economic hit (1)
Red tide killed thousands of tons of marine life including sea turtles, manatees and dolphins last year. A Lake Worth lifeguard wearing a protective mask asks a surfer to exit the ocean as Palm Beach County officials announced that all county beaches are closed due to red tide affecting coastal areas on Oct.
Does U.S. shift on settlements increase the chances for peace? (2)
There is importance in stating the truth even if it doesn't have a direct tangible outcome. By YAAKOV KATZ NOVEMBER 18, 2019 22:59 A Jewish settler walks at the Jewish settlement outpost of Adei Ad B in the West Bank (photo credit: REUTERS/NIR ELIAS) In any conflict there is value in making sure that both sides recognize the truth.
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