04 December 2020


New DNA modification 'signature' discovered in zebrafish (2)
Date: December 3, 2020 Source: Garvan Institute of Medical Research Summary: Researchers have revealed a previously unknown DNA modification in zebrafish - one of human's distant evolutionary cousins. Researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have uncovered a new form of DNA modification in the genome of zebrafish, a vertebrate animal that shares an evolutionary ancestor with humans ~400 million years ago. advertisement
Getting COVID-19 vaccines to communities of color will be key to ending pandemic (2)
By Denise Dador As COVID-19 vaccines begin to reach the public in the coming weeks, there will be many challenges. One of them will be convincing those who may be hesitant to get the vaccines, especially local communities of color, that they're safe. Survey after survey have suggested a deep reticence to take COVID-19 vaccines.
EXCLUSIVE: David Perdue will raise big Senate campaign money with lobbyists representing companies whose stock he's recently bought or sold (2)
Dave Levinthal 2020-12-04T13:49:37Z Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia has faced federal scrutiny for his many stock trades.
How Is Trump's Lawyer Jenna Ellis 'Elite Strike Force' Material? (1)
Jeremy W. Peters and Alan Feuer December 3, 2020, 9:57 PM Jenna Ellis broke into the legal profession in 2012 as a deputy district attorney in Weld County, Colorado, a largely rural area that would soon make headlines for a failed attempt to secede from the rest of the state because some residents resented the growing dominance of more liberal communities to the south, like Denver.
Senate confirms Christopher Waller to serve on Fed's board (6)
The Associated Press December 3, 2020, 2:09 PM WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate on Thursday narrowly confirmed the nomination of Christopher Waller for the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, placing another of President Donald Trump's picks on the Fed's influential board after a string of high-profile rejections. The vote in favor of Waller was 48-47.
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