22 February 2020


Huawei: Google advises not to install its apps on non-certified smartphones (2)
Abdullah Huawei chinese Google has spoken out about the Huawei case. The American group recalls that it continues to update Huawei smartphones as long as Washington allows it. But, it strongly advises not to install its mobile services and apps on Huawei smartphones that have not been certified. Nine months ago, it was a particularly violent blow that fell on Huawei's skull.
Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 2,000 (3)
VOA News February 20, 2020 08:05 The death toll from the new coronavirus climbed past the 2,000 mark Wednesday, China's health commission announced, even while the number of confirmed cases hit a monthly low. The death toll in mainland China reached 2,004 with most of the deaths reported in Hubei province, where the outbreak began in December.
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