25 September 2018

Science and Education

Edmonton public schools take down outdated book review site which placed Indigenous graphic novel 'on weed out' list (5)
The author's concerns come after Alberta's education minister apologized for an online social studies course asking students about the positive effects of residential schools David Alexander Robertson, author of "Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story," is photographed beside Winnipeg's Red River, Wednesday, November 11, 2015.
Japan preschools using tablets to prep tots for digital age (7)
29 mins ago Things people often forget to check when viewing a home for sale 10 abandoned mansions that likely used to be worth millions Full screen 1/7 SLIDES © The Associated Press In this July 12, 2018, photo, a child works on a digital program at Coby Preschool in Yoshikawa, suburban Tokyo, on an assignment, which was to draw on a triangle on an iPad.
Team discovers new species of dazzling, neon-colored fish (3)
September 25, 2018, California Academy of Sciences This dazzling new species of fish was discovered in St. Paul's Rocks. Credit: Luiz Rocha © 2018 California Academy of Sciences On a recent expedition to the remote Brazilian archipelago of St.
Scientists reveal plan to target the cause of Alzheimer's disease (4)
Researchers have developed a new way to target the toxic particles that destroy healthy brain cells in Alzheimer's disease. Academics at the University of Cambridge and at Lund University in Sweden have devised the first strategy to 'go after' the cause of the devastating disease, which could eventually lead to the development of new drugs to treat dementia.
China uses satellite to monitor illegal dredging in lakes (3)
September 25, 2018 Chinese scientists have used satellite imagery to investigate illegal sand dredging activities in Hongze Lake located in Jiangsu Province, a scientific journal has revealed. Hongze Lake is the fourth largest freshwater lake in China, as it has a bountiful supply of sand that can be used in construction; illegal sand mining activities are rampant. These mining activities destroyed the lake's original ecological environment and bottom structure.
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