23 March 2014

News Ukraine

Turkey shoots down Syrian warplane near border (29)
AP Turkish fighter jets shot down a Syrian warplane after it violated Turkey's airspace on Sunday, Turkey's Prime Minister said, in a move likely to ramp up tensions between the two countries already deeply at odds over Syria's civil war. A spokesman for Syria's military confirmed the incident, saying the plane was downed in Syrian airspace while attacking rebels.
Washington slide kills 3; searchers seek survivors (27)
DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP and CHRIS GRYGIE, Associated Press By DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP and CHRIS GRYGIEL, Associated Press Updated 2:23 am, Sunday, March 23, 2014 An aerial view shows a huge volume of earth missing from the side of a hill facing Stillaguamish River, in a landslide along State Route 530, between the cities of Arlington and Darrington, on Saturday, March 22, 2014.
Report: Avalanche kills 3 skiers at Sochi resort (18)
Associated Press, Associated Press Topics: From the Wires, News MOSCOW (AP) - Russian state television is reporting that an avalanche has killed three skiers at the mountain resort used for the Sochi Olympics. The avalanche occurred at Roza Khutor on Sunday, a day after it opened for tourists after hosting the Olympics and Paralympics. The Kuban regional branch of Rossiya television, citing witnesses, said
Cocaine-filled condoms addressed to Vatican found (14)
Authorities handed a package filled with narcotics to Vatican police with the aim of laying a trap for a culprit. Credit: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi German customs officials intercepted a package addressed to the Vatican containing 14 cocaine-filled condoms, passing it onto Vatican police with the hope a culprit may claim it. A finance ministry spokesman confirmed the incident as reported in German
Crews try to contain oil spill in Galveston Bay (28)
McALLEN, Texas - A barge carrying nearly a million gallons of especially thick, sticky oil collided with a ship in Galveston Bay on Saturday, leaking an unknown amount of the fuel into the popular bird habitat as the peak of the migratory shorebird season was approaching. Booms were brought in to try to contain the spill, which the Coast Guard said was reported at around 12:30 p.m.
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