06 August 2014

News Ukraine

Nato: 20,000 Russian troops on border with Ukraine (22)
Around 20,000 Russian troops have amassed on Ukraine's eastern border and could use the excuse of an humanitarian or peacekeeping mission to send them into Ukraine, NATO said in a statement. We're not going to guess what's on Russia's mind, but we can see what Russia is doing on the ground - and that is of great concern.
Japan marks Hiroshima anniversary, invites leaders (34)
Japan marks 69th anniversary of US atomic bombing of Hiroshima; mayor invites Obama to visit By MARI YAMAGUCHI Associated Press TOKYO (AP) - Japan marked the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima on Wednesday, with the city's mayor inviting world leaders to see atomic bomb-scarred cities firsthand to be convinced that nuclear weapons should not exist. Speaking before a crowd of survivors, their descendants and dignitaries
Putin orders import limits over sanctions (15)
Putin orders limits on agricultural imports from countries imposing sanctions on Russia Associated Press MOSCOW (AP) - President Vladimir Putin has ordered government agencies to restrict imports of food and agricultural products from the countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. The text of Putin's decree released by the Kremlin on Wednesday says that such imports will be "banned or limited" for one year.
Boris Johnson: 'I want to be useful in Westminster' (26)
London Mayor Boris Johnson has said he intends to stand as an MP for the Conservative Party at the next general election. He told the BBC's James Landale he would like to be "useful again in Westminster" but he said it was not a bid for the Conservative leadership. "I think it's highly unlikely that that will happen because there's no vacancy.
Trapped commuter freed after Australians tilt train PERTH, Australia - Agence France-Presse Dozens of Australians tilted a train Wednesday to free a commuter whose leg was trapped between a carriage and a platform, with authorities praising their efforts as an example of "people power". The man was boarding in the Western Australia city of Perth when he slipped and became jammed in the five-centimetre (two-inch) gap between the
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