23 July 2019

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South Korea issues stern warning to Russia over airspace violation (98)
Posted : 2019-07-23 17:07 Updated : 2019-07-23 17:14 Deputy Foreign Minister Yoon Soon-gu, right, meets with Russia's acting Deputy Chief of Mission Maxim Volkov at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul, Tuesday, to lodge a stern protest over violations of South Korea's airspace by a Russian military aircraft earlier in the day.
Tory leadership LIVE: Boris Johnson named new Conservative party leader (112)
Sorry, we're having problems with our video player at the moment, but are working to fix it as soon as we can Waiting for Video... Chris McCall Email Published: 10:55 Updated: 12:13 Tuesday 23 July 2019 Sign Up To Our Daily Newsletter Sign up Boris Johnson has today been named the new leader of the Conservative party.
US Senate confirms Mark Esper to be new Pentagon chief (30)
Senate approval ends months of leadership uncertainty at Defense Department following James Mattis' resignation Michael Hernandez | 23.07.2019 WASHINGTON The Senate overwhelmingly voted in favor Tuesday of confirming former Raytheon executive Mark Esper to helm the Pentagon, ending months of leadership uncertainty at the Defense Department. The Pentagon had been without a permanent defense secretary since James
Singapore makes its biggest ever illegal ivory seizure (40)
July 23 2019 09:30 AM On inspection, authorities found 8.8 tonnes of elephant ivory, the National Parks Board, Customs and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said. Picture courtesy: Channel News Asia AFP/Singapore Singapore has made its largest ever seizure of smuggled ivory, impounding a haul of nearly nine tonnes of contraband tusks from an estimated 300 elephants, authorities said Tuesday.
South Korea fires 'warning shots' as 'Russian and Chinese aircraft violate' its airspace (62)
SOUTH KOREAБ─(tm)s defence ministry has confirmed its military fired warning shots after Russian and Chinese aircraft violated its airspace on Tuesday. By Brian McGleenon South Korean military fire 'warning shots' after Russian aircraft 'violate' its airspace (Image: EXPRESS) The warning shots were fired after Russian military jets intruded into the Republic of Korea's airspace.
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