04 November 2019

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Iran marks 1979 embassy siege with anti-US fervour (127)
Issued on: 04/11/2019 - 10:57 Advertising Read more Tehran (AFP) With anti-American slogans and effigies mocking President Donald Trump, thousands rallied outside the former US embassy in Tehran on Monday to mark the 40th anniversary of the Iran hostage crisis. Amid renewed tensions with Washington, state television showed rallies taking place in several other cities four decades after revolutionary
Boeing's Starliner spacecraft completes its first pad abort test (38)
Video PlayerClose WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) - Boeing completed on Monday a pad abort test of its CST-100 Starliner spacecraft designed to bring astronauts into low- Earth orbit from the United States, demonstrating the spacecraft's ability to quickly escape the launch pad in the event of an emergency on launch day. At 9:15 a.m.
US to remain in Paris climate deal for at least another year (35)
No country can withdraw in the first three years, according to the terms of the deal. Monday marks the day the U.S. could formally begin to withdraw. Susan Walsh/AP Demonstrators gather outside the White House June 1, 2017 to protest President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement to battle climate change.
Police find 41 migrants alive in truck in northern Greece (23)
(Reuters) - Greek police found 41 migrants, mostly Afghans, hiding in a refrigerated truck at a motorway in northern Greece on Monday, police officials said. The migrants were not injured, one of the officials said, adding that the refrigeration system had not been turned on. Police stopped the truck on a highway near the northern Greek city of Xanthi for a regular check.
Appeals court: NYC prosecutor may seek President Donald Trump's tax returns (22)
Kevin McCoy USA TODAY Published 12:43 PM EST Nov 4, 2019 NEW YORK - President Donald Trump's fight to shield his tax returns and financial records from a local prosecutor was rejected by a federal appeals court Monday, sending the case to an expected showdown in the Supreme Court. In a unanimous, narrowly-drawn decision, the New York-based U.S.
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