17 January 2020

News Ukraine

Iran supreme leader: Americans are 'clowns' who will 'push poisonous dagger' into Iranian backs (52)
By Marty Johnson - 01/17/20 08:37 AM EST Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday went after U.S. leadership, calling them "American clowns" while leading prayers in Tehran. In front of a large crowd, the 80-year-old led Friday prayers in the city for the first time in 8 years, saying that the U.S.
11 US Troops Wounded In Last Week's Iran Attack On Iraq Base (69)
By AFP News 01/17/20 AT 12:01 AM At least 11 American troops were injured in an Iranian attack on an Iraqi base where American soldiers were deployed, US Central Command said Thursday, although the US military had previously maintained there were no casualties. "While no US service members were killed in the Jan.
Jeffrey Epstein's attorney Alan Dershowitz will defend Donald Trump at his Senate trial with Ken Starr who investigated Bill Clinton also on the 'dream team' - as Monica Lewinsky says: 'Are you f* * *ing kidding me?' (30)
President Trump's legal team for the Senate impeachment trial will include lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Ken StarrDershowitz has become a defender of Trump on cable news, but most famously helped NFL player O.J.
Zelenskyy Considering Honcharuk's Resignation Statement Despite Not Having Constitutional Authority (45)
Даша Зубкова Даша Зубкова President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is considering the resignation statement submitted by Prime Minister Oleksii Honcharuk despite not having respective constitutional authority to do so. The Presidential Office has written this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports. In compliance with the Constitution, the prime minister has to submit his resignation statement for consideration of the Ukrainian Parliament.
Goncharuk wrote a letter of resignation (47)
Goncharuk wrote a letter of resignation The Prime Minister wrote in Facebook, that this act wants to "dispel any doubt in respect and trust the President." Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk wrote a letter of resignation. He reported about it in Facebook on Friday, January 17. Goncharuk listed the achievements as the head of government, and wrote about his respect and gratitude Zelensky.
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