06 February 2020

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Legendary Hollywood Actor Kirk Douglas Has Died, Age 103 (155)
© AP Photo / Chris Pizzello 23:35 GMT 05.02.2020(updated 00:05 GMT 06.02.2020) Subscribe Sputnik International Sputnik actor-kirk-douglas-has-died-age-103/
China cuts tariffs on USD75B of US imports in trade truce (52)
February 7, 2020 BEIJING (AP) - China cut tariffs on USD75 billion of United States (US) imports including soybeans and auto parts yesterday in a trade truce with Washington while Beijing struggles with a costly virus outbreak. The cuts follow last month's signing of a "Phase 1" agreement toward ending a long-running tariff war over Beijing's technology ambitions and trade surplus.
Astronaut Christina Koch lands on Earth after record-setting space station mission (62)
By Robert Z. Pearlman 2020-02-06T10:39:53Z Christina Koch did not set out to break records on her first spaceflight, but with her return to Earth after nearly a year in orbit, her mission is now one for the history books. Koch, a NASA astronaut, landed on the snow-covered steppe of Kazakhstan on Thursday (Feb.
At least two dead as high-speed train derails near Milan, Italy (31)
Thu 06 Feb 2020 at 12:54 NNA - Italian authorities say a high-speed passenger train has derailed in northern Italy, killing two railway workers and injuring 27 people. Civil Protection chief Angelo Borrelli has told state radio that the state- railway train went off the rails, striking another train on adjacent tracks in the countryside near the town of Lodi.
Police in Northern Ireland launches investigation after explosive discovery (28)
Video PlayerClose LONDON, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) - Police in Northern Ireland have launched an investigation into a bomb found attached to a heavy goods vehicle in an industrial estate, local media reported Thursday. The police said that they received a report that an explosive device was on a lorry in Belfast docks due to travel to Scotland on Jan.
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