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Major Airlines Around the World Are Stopping Flights to China Over Coronavirus Fears (101)
American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa announce flight suspensions By Jack Phillips January 29, 2020 Share FacebookFlipboardTweetRedditEmail PRINTFONT BFONT S American Airlines and British Airways on Wednesday joined several other major international carriers to slash flights to China as the country struggles to deal with an outbreak of coronavirus that prompted quarantines affecting tens of millions of people.
Trump signs long-awaited North American trade deal (24)
Business Trump signs long-awaited North American trade deal 30 Jan 2020 02:08AM WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump on Wednesday (Jan 29) signed the new USMCA North American trade pact with Canada and Mexico into law, pronouncing a "glorious future" for US industry. The USMCA, crafted over years of negotiation between the three countries, replaces the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
UN hacked in apparent espionage operation: report (15)
By Associated Press GENEVA - Sophisticated hackers infiltrated UN offices in Geneva and Vienna last year in an apparent espionage operation and their identity and the extent of the data they obtained is not clear. An internal confidential document from the United Nations, leaked to The New Humanitarian and seen by the Associated Press, says dozens of servers were compromised including at the UN human rights office, which collects
Two defunct satellites speed toward possible collision (13)
The Infrared Astronomical Satellites (IRAS) space telescope was launched in 1983 as a joint project of NASA, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, and its mission lasted only 10 months Two decommissioned satellites sped towards each other Wednesday at a combined speed of almost 33,000 miles (53,000 kilometers) an hour, raising the risk of a collision that would send thousands of pieces of debris hurtling through space.
Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits between Cuba and Jamaica (46)
AP Jan 29, 2020 HAVANA - A powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck in the Caribbean Sea between Jamaica and eastern Cuba on Tuesday. Witnesses reported strong shaking but there was no immediate word of casualties or heavy damage. The quake was centered 139 km (86 miles) northwest of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and 140 km (87 miles) west-southwest of Niquero, Cuba.
Here's what's new in the outbreak linked to an emerging virus in China (39)
2020-01-29 09:35 More than 4,500 cases of a new viral respiratory illness have been confirmed since an outbreak began last month in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Scientists have identified the illness as a new kind of coronavirus. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some of which cause the common cold.
Russia: Hundreds of fishermen stranded on gigantic ice floe (16)
By Deutsche Welle 2020/01/29 21:02 Emergency services in Russia rescued over 500 ice fishermen after they became trapped on a giant sheet of floating ice that broke-off an island in far-eastern Siberia, officials said. The rescue mission took place off the coast of the island of Sakhalin in the Sea of Okhotsk, just north of Japan.
WATCH: Boris Johnson answers 'Google auto-complete' Brexit questions in hilarious video (21)
BORIS JOHNSON, in the latest sign that he is using social media to directly talk to voters, posted a video answering some frequently-asked Brexit questions. By Alessandra Scotto di Santolo The Prime Minister posted the video on his social media platform as he participated in the latest celebrity trend of answering questions from an auto-complete Google search.
Australia breakthrough may slow coronavirus spread (22)
Scientists claim first lab-grown virus outside of China, raising hopes of diagnostic tests and vaccine ByAlan Boyd, Sydney Scientists have replicated the Wuhan coronavirus in a laboratory for the first time outside China, raising hopes for the development of a test that will slow its spread by identifying carriers before they start to show symptoms. The virus was successfully grown in laboratory conditions on Tuesday
More U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injury from Iran missile attack (22)
Of the 16 new diagnosed cases, 15 service members have returned to duty in Iraq, the Pentagon said. U.S. soldiers clearing rubble at Ain al-Asad military airbase in the western Iraqi province of Anbar in Iraq on Monday.Ayman Henna / AFP - Getty Images Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports.
Harvey Weinstein fumed "this is how the industry works," accuser testifies (6)
January 29, 2020 / 1:05 PM / CBS/AP Dramatic start to Harvey Weinstein trial A woman who described herself as an aspiring actress and a big fan of Harvey Weinstein's films told jurors Wednesday that she jumped at his invitation to screen-test for movie roles.