08 August 2022


Flight from US delayed when pilot refused to fly to Israel over ‘security situation' (3)
Passengers say they were given contradictory reasons for delay, including United Airlines' pilot's refusal to fly and a non-existent ‘curfew' at Ben Gurion Airport By Ash Obel Today, 12:25 pm Illustrative: A Dreamliner 787-10 pulls up to a gate in Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, in 2019.
Mon, Aug 08, 2022 Military to hold drills to test combat readiness (2)
PINGTUNG: This week's drills are to involve 120mm mortars and 155mm self- propelled howitzers, while a separate annual exercise is planned for next month Staff writer, with CNA The military is to conduct planned live-fire artillery drills in Pingtung County tomorrow and on Thursday to test the combat readiness of units amid China's live-fire military exercises around Taiwan, a source familiar with the matter said yesterday.
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