18 May 2022


4 key climate change indicator records broken in 2021: World weather body (51)
World Meteorological Organization report flags human activities causing planetary-scale changes on land, oceans, atmosphere Peter Kenny | 18.05.2022 GENEVA Greenhouse gas concentrations, sea-level rise, ocean heat, and ocean acidification, set four new climate change records in 2021, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said Wednesday. The four climate indicators are another clear sign that human activities
US sues casino mogul Steve Wynn over relationship with China (35)
FILE - Former Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn gestures at a news conference in Medford, Mass., March 15, 2016. An effort by Nevada casino regulators to impose a $500,000 fine and discipline former Las Vegas casino mogul Wynn over allegations of workplace sexual misconduct had new life Friday, April 1, 2022, after a state Supreme Court decision in a jurisdictional question.
Another spike in suspect COVID-19 cases reported in North Korea (43)
By Kim Tong-hyung The Associated Press Posted May 17, 2022 9:22 pm 2:39 North Korea confirms COVID-19 outbreak, imposes nationwide lockdown North Korea ordered a nationwide lockdown on Thursday after confirming its first acknowledged COVID-19 outbreak, after holding for more than two years a claim of a perfect record keeping out the virus.
China plane crash: Data suggests deliberate act from cockpit (25)
Tailor Stone May 17, 2022 | DAY Data recovered from China's deadly Boeing 737-800 crash indicates someone in the cockpit deliberately caused the disaster, The Wall Street Journal claims Tuesday, citing people familiar with it of a preliminary assessment. The plane of the China Eastern company, connecting the cities of Kunming (southwest) and Canton (south), had crashed in a mountainside on March 21
Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, study finds (26)
A new study says pollution of all types is killing 9 million people a year Via AP news wire Tuesday 17 May 2022 23:33 Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, study findsShow all 2 Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, study findsKiller Pollution Killer Pollution Copyright 2019 The Associated Press.
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