20 January 2022

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Retired pope accused of failing to act against priests accused of sexual abuse (91)
Long-awaited report on German diocese finds that while serving as archbishop, future pontiff Benedict XVI took steps over which he can be ‘accused of misconduct' By Geir Moulson Today, 3:07 pm This photo taken on June 22, 2020, shows former pope Benedict XVI at the airport in Munich, southern Germany, after visiting his brother.
NCAA adopts new policy for transgender athletes (35)
The NCAA has adopted a sport-by-sport approach for transgender athletes, bringing the organization in line with the U.S. and International Olympic Committees Via AP news wire Thursday 20 January 2022 14:19 NCAA Transgender Athletes (© Copyright 2022 The Philadelphia Inquirer) The NCAA has adopted a sport-by-sport approach for transgender athletes, bringing the organization in line with the U.S.
CIA rules out hostile foreign power behind medical symptoms known as 'Havana Syndrome' (34)
Josh Meyer USA TODAY WASHINGTON - The CIA has ruled out Russia or any other foreign power's involvement in causing the widespread battery of medical symptoms known as "Havana Syndrome," based on a new intelligence finding that attributes all but a few dozen of the cases to medical, environmental or "technical" causes. A U.S.
105 nations to get cheaper Covid pill (29)
Published: 8:45 PM, Jan 20, 2022 Geneva: Generic drug manufacturers will make a more affordable version of Merck's anti-Covid pill for 105 of the world's poorer nations, in deals announced Thursday by a UN-backed organisation. The global Medicines Patent Pool signed agreements with 27 manufacturers to produce the oral antiviral medicine molnupiravir, for supply in low- and- middle-income countries.
Amazon to open in-person clothing store (27)
Sommer Brokaw Jan. 20 (UPI) -- Amazon announced Thursday it will open its first in-person clothing store, called Amazon Style, in the Los Angeles area later this year. The company widely known for its e-commerce business plans to offer customers the best of both worlds by combining its shopping app technology with the physical store, according to the announcement. "Our first-ever physical apparel store offers a personalized, convenient
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